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Learn About KuneKunes

IKKPS believes in education.  We have created articles, eBooks and other KuneKune related educational materials about KuneKunes.  You can view this large library under the Information about KuneKunes tab in the menu bar.  Once you hover over that tab all the many pages will be shown so that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

If there are topics you want to learn more about that are not on our pages, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to provide that information for you. Email us at

An Official KuneKune Registry

The International KuneKune Pig Society is the ultimate resource for KuneKune pig breeders around the globe. Founded with the goal of providing unique membership benefits, expert knowledge and a supportive community, this vibrant organization helps members succeed in their pursuit of better breeding success.

At the heart of it all is an innovative online herd book that combines detailed records with intuitive usability. Breeders can use this exclusive tool to track data over generations, make informed breeding decisions, and stay informed about new litters and KuneKunes for sale.

Meanwhile, an experienced, professional provides  customer service support every member from start to finish.

Consider joining the International KuneKune Pig Society today – your success as a breeder awaits!

We will see you on the Breeder's List.  JOIN

IKKPS KuneKune Registry

KuneKune Registry Comparison

Learn more about KuneKunes on our Info on KuneKunes pages

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Official KuneKune Registry

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