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International KuneKune Pig Society

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IKKPS is dedicated to providing info on KuneKunes for all to enjoy and learn more about this incredible heritage, grazing pig called KuneKunes.

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Welcome to the International KuneKune Pig Society...

where breeders matter

Welcome to the International KuneKune Pig Society.  We are pleased to be the first KuneKune registry in the United States, Canada and open to other countries that is completely run by non KuneKune breeders and that is structured where members are engaged in the decision-making process. This means that all decisions made within the organization will be put to a membership vote. There will be no elected officials making decisions for the members, they will be involved in deciding the direction the organization will take and participate in membership voting. 

 We understand where other organizations are now lacking regarding membership input, and we have put protocols in place for the IKKPS where the organization will forever be driven by members, and this cannot be changed.  After all, the future of the KuneKune breed is determined by the breeders and not an organization, so it is important that breeders drive this organization.

IKKPS will utilize the members and the assistance of a Board of Advisors.  Our Board of Advisors is compromised of former KuneKune breeders no longer actively breeding and other business professionals to create a very well rounded organization.  This is to ensure the Board of Advisors will remain impartial and unbiased regarding the organization. 

We are offering extensive free membership benefits, professional registrar services, a professional online herdbook, and website that will support day to day services that members need. 

We are the first organization to do KuneKune Pictures on the pedigrees, offer 4 generation pedigrees, tons of ways to analyze pedigrees, research  and offer a brand new tool for breeder's to use in making breeding decisions.  Our membership benefits are centered around breeders and helping them to be successful.

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